Saturday, May 29, 2010


This is my first attempt at something blackletterish. It was a relatively difficult delivery, and the character set isn't nearly as complete as I usually like to do it, but I published it anyway to get some feedback on whether it would be worth the struggle to complete it. A true blackletter font would surely need some more profound knowledge about calligraphy and its history than I have the patience (and currently time) to acquire, so understand this more as an attempt to create a blackletter look with still relatively modern, familiar and readable character shapes.
I started with the lowercase characters as they are obviously much easier to design than the uppercase; the latter were the much trickier part because of their usually very decorative and complex nature in blackletter fonts, which made the compromise between a modern and readable look and the blackletter "core" much harder to achieve.

In the end it turned out to have sort of a fantasy look, like the font an evil king sitting on a throne of ice ruling over a barren, desolate kingdom in the everlasting winter of the isolated mountains of the far north of Middle Earth (or Azeroth, for you WoW addicts out there who have no time to read J.R.R. Tolkien) would use to write his feared verdicts on polar bear skin and nail it to every dead tree trunk in his stormridden land that never sees the sun... Or something like it.

You can download this font here (Registration required), and use it for free in any non-commercial project. For commercial licensing, please contact me.

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