Friday, September 10, 2010

High Voltage

Long time no post... Sorry about that! There has been a lot going on recently: I finished my bachelor thesis, moved to another city, and most importantly: I've started working. The privilege of a student's life that I am retrospectively starting to appreciate the most is definitely the freedom in time allocation. You don't forcibly have less to do as a student (well during exam/thesis writing time, that is; otherwise you do have less to do), but you're completely free to chose when you do it. And as I used to do most of my design stuff late at night - a time where now I am sleeping as every brave and hard-working citizen - my fontstructing activity curve has suffered a sharp bend downwards.

So no wonder that my last font was a very quick job. If I recall correctly, the main character set was done within about an hour - considering the warm reception it got from the ever-amazing fontstruct community, I'm very happy about the input/output ratio! It has also been featured and reviewed on the download section.

But enough of the babbling: Here it is!

As you can see, it's quite a crossbreed between blackletter, script and vintage that has spent too much of it's time hanging around heavy metal bars in the seventies and eighties. It shows some ambition to make it to an old Ford Mustang's trunk deck, but only if a real rockstar is driving two highly drugged groupies around with it while throwing whiskey bottles and parts of his smashed guitar at pedestrians.

Due to its strictly geometric nature, it also lends itself to graphic baublery that in this case somehow reminds me of the masterfully crafted ambigrams in Dan Brown's superlative-oozing "The Da Vinci Code":

You can download this font here (Registration required), and use it for free in any non-commercial project. For commercial licensing, please contact me.
This is work in progress: I plan to add more alternates and swirls to the set as soon as I find the time. Checking back for updates somewhere in the future might worth it.

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