Saturday, May 15, 2010


Funny... Second post, second time the font's name starts with Punch. Don't worry, I'm fine and generally a very pacific human being.
Anyway, this is my latest font, done as always with FontStruct, the amazingly easy to use online font creation software that you should really try out if you're into typography and/or lego bricks. (And no, they don't pay me for this enthusiasm... It's real!)

Punchline is a ultra heavy slab serif face for flyers, stylish posters, powerful headlines and pickup truck advertisements. Not recommended for wedding cards or similar. But why don't you just look for yourself:

The font contains a full set of diacritics for most western european languages, and also includes €, $, £, ¥ and whatever else your might need.

Download it here. (Registration required.)
As always with my fonts, this is free for personal use only. If you want to purchase a licence for commercial use, please contact me.

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